4/24/2009 (5:00 PM)  -  4/26/2009
Camp Pigott
For OA members only

Conclave 2009 is coming quick - April 24 through 26 at Camp Pigott - and it looks to be the biggest one ever! With T'Kope as the host lodge, you know it will be a blast. Why miss out?

You can register online at www.sectionw1n.org. The cost is $50, but you save $15 by registering online now. You save an additional $5 if you are a new Ordeal member. You can't beat a weekend of fun and excitement for as little as $30!

You can find out more by visiting www.sectionw1n.org or e-mailing info@tkopekwiskwis.org.

We look forward to seeing you at Conclave!


Dylan Boyce
Lodge Chief

Jason Stewart
Lodge Adviser
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