The five National Outdoor Badges recognize a Boy Scout who demonstrates both knowledge and experience in camping, hiking, aquatics, riding, and adventure. Scouts earning the National Outdoor Badges have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable, safe, and comfortable in the outdoor activity covered by the badge.

When the first badge is earned, the scout receives the center patch and earned segment. Additional segments are added as the badges are earned.

National Outdoor Badges may be earned in the following areas:
  • Hiking:

    A Boy Scout or Varsity Scout may earn the National Outdoor Badge for Hiking upon successfully completing the following requirements:
    1. Earn the First Class rank.
    2. Earn the Hiking and Orienteering merit badges.
    3. Complete 100 miles of hiking or backpacking under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America, including miles hiked as part of requirement 2.

    A gold device may be earned for each additional 50 miles hiked. A silver device is earned for each additional 200 miles of hiking. The Scout may wear any combination of devices totaling his current number of miles hiking.

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